Free Inventory Rental Software

Welcome to Rentventory


Rentventory is free PHP software to help you run your equipment rentals business online at your website.
Rentventory will allow your customers to browse your products, choose their rental dates and request the rentals online from your website. Rentventory is ideally suited for small companies working in rental business like baby equipment, sports & holiday stuff, professional tools, etc.

Key Features
It simply integrates into your website
Assures there are no overbookings for your inventory
Gives you the detailed list what is on rent and what needs to be picked up by customes

Categorize your products
Provide any description for your products including pictures
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Rentventory is installed at your website that must support:
Operating System: any
Web Server: Apache, IIS, or similar
PHP 4.3 or above
MySQL 3.23 or above

You and your customers can use Rentventory with any modern web browser, such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, or others.

Have a Look

Please visit our demo to see Rentventory in action.
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Daniel E. Straus Co-founder